The Man in the Cellar


by Baron Palle Rosenkrantz

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Murder Will Out . . .

Holger Nielsen just wanted a quiet London vacation when he rented 48 Cranbourne Grove. But the rental agent forgot to mention he’d be sharing his new home with a very hungry cat and . . . the man in the cellar.

When Holger Nielsen stumbles on a murder, the obvious thing to do is report it to the authorities and get on with his life. But as the crime unravels, it isn’t clear whether it’s worse to be an accessory to murder or an accessory to justice. The Man in the Cellar is more than just a great mystery. It’s an insider’s tour of turn-of-the-century London and Denmark. But beware. Scandinavia hasn’t always been IKEA and Legos.

Baron Palle Adam Vilhelm Rosenkrantz, born in 1867, is the father of the Danish mystery novel. In the early part of the 20th century, he was one of the best-selling authors in Scandinavia and Germany. To this day, the Palle Rosenkrantz Prize is awarded annually to the best crime novel published in Danish.

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