Loading Books on Your Kindle

How can I read my new book on my Kindle?

First, Make sure you have purchased the Kindle version of your book! (Kindles cannot read files in the epub format.)

Once you have the Kindle file (with the file extension .mobi) of your book, the easiest way is simply to email it to your kindle. Each Kindle has a unique email address which is assigned when you register your Kindle. Once you know that, it’s very easy to do. (So that you will never get “spammed,” your Kindle will only accept emails from an email address that is already connected with your Kindle.) Click here for more information on finding your Kindle’s email address.

You can also “sideload” books to your Kindle directly from your computer. This is also easy, just plug your Kindle into your computer’s USB port and drag and drop your new book. Here’s some more information on how to do that.

Need more detailed help? Look here.

6 Different Ways to Load eBooks on Your Kindle