Mind Games


Author: Luigi Capuana

Format: ePub or Kindle, Social DRM

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First English Edition

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Capuana ranks high among Italian storytellers. — Saturday Review

In this collection of short stories, Luigi Capuana focuses on the psychology of his characters and their inner worlds. They are often comical or absurd, yet always act in accordance with the iron logic of their manias, flaws and quirks. These emotional thrillers explore the always fascinating — and sometimes dangerous — territory of our inner realities. The line between sanity and insanity may be thinner than we would like to think.

Sometimes hilarious, sometimes unsettling, you’ll be thinking about Mind Games and its stories of ordinary people in incredible situations long after you have turned the final page.

A prolific writer, Luigi Capuana is one of the giants of Italian literature, publishing six novels and many more volumes of short stories, plays, essays and other works during his lifetime. Mind Games (originally published in 1902 as Delitto Ideale), is well-known in Europe but this edition marks its first appearance in English.

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