About Kazabo Publishing

Kazabo Publishing is a new idea in the literary world. Our motto is, “Every Book a Best Seller . . . Guaranteed!” And we mean it. Our mission is to find best-selling books from around the world that, for whatever reason, have not been published in English.


Our Discovery Series highlights great books from respected international authors. Most of these books have never been available in English before. Until now! We were amazed at some of the world-class authors who have outstanding works that have never been translated into English; people like Italo Svevo, Grazia Deledda, Luigi Capuana, and Haruo Umezaki. We were genuinely delighted to discover new works from some of our favorite authors and we hope you will be, too.


Our Criminal Destinations Series focuses on mystery and detective novels and short stories. These were all chart-busting best-sellers in their day but, once again, these books have never been translated into English before. We have found these books to be fascinating, and not just because they are great reads. Unlike some literary fiction, crime novels aren’t written to make a point, they are written to tell a gripping story. The cultural details are true-to-life and familiar to the reader – at least they would have been familiar to the reader in the time and place they were written.

For example, I’m not Austrian and I don’t live in turn-of-the-century Vienna so The Adventures of Dagobert Trostler – the Sherlock Holmes of the Austro-Hungarian Empire – are like a visit to an undiscovered world. It’s a glimpse of Vienna and Viennese society in the years before the first world war. The stories are great, too. If you loved Downton Abbey — or Sherlock Holmes — you’ll love The Adventures of Dagobert Trostler.

That’s our goal. Each volume of our Criminal Destinations Series lets you explore a different time and place while enjoying a page-turning mystery at the same time. We here at Kazabo Publishing don’t think life gets much better than that!

And We’ve Got Future Classics, Too!

We have also found there are many contemporary writers who are very popular in their own countries but who have not made it into English. We think this is a real shame so we are working to bring those books and those authors to you.

Our Promise To You . . .

When you visit Kazabo.com, we hope you will always discover something new, either a book from a favorite author you didn’t know existed or a completely new author with a fresh perspective from a country you admire. We promise you that everything you see with the Kazabo name – even authors you have never heard of – will be a best-seller; maybe in Italy, maybe in Japan, maybe in 1902, but a best seller. We hope you enjoy reading these literary gems as much as we enjoy finding them and bringing them to you.

Thanks for reading!

The Kazabo Team