Double Murder at the Grand Hotel Miramare


Author: Elena & Michela Martignoni

First English Edition


Ever since his punitive transfer to Lungariva, the sleepy village has quickly become the Cabot Cove of the Italian Riviera…

This time, Deputy Assistant Chief of Police Luigi Berté has to investigate a double murder in the Grand Hotel Miramare, Lungariva’s historic luxury hotel, playground for old nobility, international business tycoons, and polo players. But one of the guests is not what they seem and Berté has to work quickly before his suspects scatter to the four corners of the earth – with deadly results.
Set in the very real Grand Hotel Miramare in the village of Santa Margherita Ligure, this novel features Luigi Berté, one of the best-known characters in modern Italian fiction.
Appearing in a dozen murder mysteries and counting, Berté, a truly unique Italian creation, is beloved for his quirky approach to solving crimes, his kibitzing conscience, and his love for good food.

Double Murder at the Grand Hotel Miramare is the first of Berté’s adventures to be translated into English.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Italian sisters Elena and Michela Martignoni, who also write under the pen name Emilio Martini, have published a dozen best-selling novels featuring Deputy Assistant Chief of Police Luigi Berté as well as several historical novels. Their works have been translated into English, Spanish and German.