At Kazabo Publishing, we are dedicated to bringing you best-selling authors from around the world . . . and we’d like your help.

We want every one of our books to be a smooth, enjoyable read and we believe that the more input we have, the better. That’s why we’ve created the Kazabo Beta Reader program. We give selected readers pre-release copies of our books and, in return, just like beta testers, they let us know if they enjoyed the experience and if they encountered any problems along the way. Because we genuinely appreciate our Beta Readers and consider them an important part of the Kazabo project, we’ll also give our Beta Readers goodies and free stuff along the way.

So why not join a growing community of book lovers just like you, help us bring these great authors to English readers . . . and get free stuff! There’s no commitment and, before we send you a book to beta read, we’ll write you with further information about the book and get your permission. So sign up today!

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We'll let you know as soon as we have a book for you to read. Before we send it, we'll provide you with details about the book and get your permission. Thanks again for your interest.